About us



B.M.Europe is one of the leading suppliers for maintenance materials and accessories in Europe: Products that extend the life – and enhance the serviceability of – waterbeds. Our conditioners are important for the quality of the water in the waterbed, and are fully (100%) biologically degradable. Our cleansing agents for keeping the waterbed clean likewise constitute a maintenance material (for the waterbed) that keeps the vinyl supple. Other products from our collection make it easy to decrease or increase the quantity of water in your waterbed, and to ventilate, heat or repair the waterbed.

We have been importing these products from the USA since 1985 for our customers in Europe. In 1998 we, together with our supplier, looked into the possibilities of production in Europe, and production actually got under way in 2000. The reasons for doing so were:

  • The government’s increasingly more stringent requirements on our products. Products imported from the USA no longer meet these requirements.
  • The fact that it is easier to obtain an approval number for our conditioner in the countries where this is or will be required.
  • The possibility to anticipate the wishes of our customers about the composition and packaging of our products.
  • Quality control according to European standards.
  • A regular production with short lead times.
Where to find our products
We sell our products exclusively through authorised bed and waterbed dealers. The names of companies that can supply such products in your vicinity can be provided upon request.